Best Work Boots For Walking On Concrete

You may think that concrete is a very safe surface for people to walk around because it is flat and even. But what you didn’t know is that concrete is made to be super hard, meaning standing or walking for  long period of time will hurt and damage your lower extremities. When working, it is important to have the proper shoes to absorb impact from the ground and cushion your foot. Therefore working boots must have the design that can cater to your foot needs.

by Able2Able

Here are some important factors to consider when looking for a good work boots:

  • Weight of the boots
    • Working on concrete is a little to hard for comfort therefore you need a boots that is much more comfortable. It should be lightweight that will provide you easy mobility but you still need to find the one that has toe protector that will shield your toes from harm from falling debris or stumbling to something hard.
  • Snug fit
    • Your boots must be snugly fit and the top is well secured so that debris and water will not enter inside
  • Self cleaning
    • Your shoes outsoles must be self cleaning or must be easy to wash
  • Must have great torsion
    • Must not cause friction to the skin because of soft insoles
  • Great ankle support
    • Ankle support is important of stability and for people with weak ankles

Here are some of the Best Work Boots For Walking On Concrete

First on my list is the Red Wing Heritage Roughneck boot. This boots have many wonderful qualities  and offers great protection that amazed me as I first used it. Some wonderful features that I like are its durable Goodyear welt construction, waterproof, sweat proof and stain resistant uppers, great support by the steel shank.

This work boots fit snugly and comfortably. Fox max comfort, this shoes are made of premium quality materials like full grain leather uppers, cork midsole and leather footboard which provides its almost custom fit. Another great features that I love about this boots is its patented Vibram Lug outsole that gives ultimum comfort even working on concrete. When it comes to its looks, all I can say is that I love its design, simple yet stunning.

Second boots that I think is one of the best shoes for walking on concrete is the Timberland Pro Endurance PR work Boot. Timberlands shoes are really known to be top notch quality brand and this work boots is no exemption. In fact, this work boot took the cake when it comes to this category. This shoes is made for demanding work because of its great safety features like its steel toe box that makes the boost last longer, the rubber outsoles that are abrasion resistant, heat resistant and oil resistant, it also has puncture proof underfoot plate called Steel Flex, fiberglass shank for incredible structural protection and lastly its full grain upper leather for comfort and waterproof capability.

This is the kind of boots that will get more comfortable as it gets older. It is so comfortable to use n concrete because of its shock absorbing polyurethane midsole, its anti microbial linings and its short time break.


I can say that this pair of working boots is worth your money.

Last boots that I recommend for walking on concrete is the Irish Setter work boot. This is especially popular among construction workers  because of its many safety features.

  1. Heat resistant outsole that can withstand up to 475°F.
  2. Waterproof leather and Goodyear welt construction method that safeguards your feet from getting wet.
  3. Ergonomically designed footbed that gives extreme comfort
  4. Provides great traction for added comfort

If you are a construction worker like me, this boots will do the job for you. Believe me, I have tear up too many boots in my entire career and this one lasts me many years. Safeguards my feet from falling debris, from stumbling over and hitting hard objects and so comfortable to my feet even when I work for many hours in a demanding environment.