Get Ready to Race: Everything you Need to Do in the Final 24 hours Before a Race

As any veteran runner will attest, lots can go wrong before a race. And believe us, a last-minute goof is the last thing you need after weeks or months of training. * The following guide will ensure that the nightmare scenario–missing clothes, no timing chip, stuck in traffic–will never happen to you, and that you’ll arrive on the starting line ready to roll. * Most of the advice applies to any race distance, but it’s especially important before a longer race such as a marathon, which requires more preparation.

The Day Before

get-ready-to-race-1Logistics: Double-check directions to the start on a street map, or print a map and directions from MAPQUEST.COM. Gas up the car. Read the entire entry form, which may contain crucial information about checking in, parking, or some other race detail that affects what time you need to arrive. Finally, pack your race bag (see “Race-Day Checklist,” page 55) after checking the weather forecast.

Do all this early enough on the day before your race. This way, you’ll have ample time to hunt down any missing information or items you’ll need on race morning. If you procrastinate too long, you’ll have to deal with the stress of preface preparations at the worst possible time–bedtime. [Read more…]

International Race of Champions


Welcome to the International Race of Champions–the most unique concept in the history of auto racing–featuring 12 of the world’s greatest racing drivers engaged in high-speed, fender-bashing combat to determine the real world champion of racing drivers. The IROC series is the Super Bowl of motorsports, a concept that embraces the true essence of championship auto racing, with the absolute best drivers from all forms of automotive competition competing in identically prepared Camaro race cars for the championship of the world and a grand prize of $150,000. Drivers accumulate points in each race, and the winner of a race starts at the back of the field in the next race. The overall championship is awarded on total points at the end of the series.

Get Ready

International-Race-of-Champion-1Each of the four IROC races is tailored to fit a one-hour time slot for maximum TV coverage by the CBS Sports network. All cars are equipped with mounts the accommodate special Australian developed Race Cam mini cameras, and four cars in each race will carry them to provide viewers with the backseat ride of their lives. [Read more…]

Need for Speed


Jeff Gordon’s need for speed showed up almost as soon as he could balance a bicycle. Gordon would fly down the hill near his California home, only to scramble back up to the top to begin his descent again.

Gordon, now 24, has moved past bicycles. He’s at the top of the auto racing world, winning the 1995 National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) championship.

His rainbow-colored No. 24 Chevrolet Monte Carlo can travel nearly 200 miles per hour in races as long as 600 miles.

(The bodies of stock cars resemble the street cars that most people drive, but they have only one seat, a souped-up engine and much more safety equipment.

Early Success

need-for-speed-2Gordon knows how to get places in a hurry.

He started competing in organized bicycle races when he was 4. But he quickly moved to quarter-midgets, small racers with engines about as powerful as lawnmowers.

In Gordon’s second year of racing quarter-midgets he won 36 races. At age 8, he won a national championship. He followed up with a second national title, eventually branching out into go-carts and sprint cars.

By the time Gordon was 16, he was beating drivers more than twice his age. [Read more…]

Amato Racing


Not surprisingly, there are thousands of drag racing fans who envision NHRA Winston Top Fuel World Champion and All-Star Team member Joe Amato as little more than a sublimely successful quarter-mile competitor. They may admire his prowess behind the wheel– indeed one would be hard pressed to mount an argument to the contrary– but they very likely see him as a one dimensional individual. Such a value judgment would be both hasty and entirely incorrect, for Amato is much, much more than just about the best Top Fuel driver to come down the pike in a long time. He is, by all accounts, one of the most innovative and successful businessmen to have involved himself in the aftermarket industry since . . . well, since the world began hearing how Joe Hrudka took a tiny basement-based endeavor and turned it into a multi-million dollar conglomerate.

Who is Amato?

Amato racing 1

While Hrudka’s empire is well known even among the masses, it is men like Amato who have helped that empire grow and expand, for Amato’s Keystone Automotive is one of the largest warehouse distributor setups in the nation. Hard-core race fans have long noted the Keystone name and logo on Joe’s rather lengthy string of colorful and very competitive alcohol-fueled Funny Cars and [Read more…]