How to travel in Halong bay? and what to do?

What is Halong Bay and why is it famous?

Halong Bay is considered by UNESCO as one of the Natural Wonder of the World and is one of most visited place in Vietnam. It is well known to people who loves nature. It is famous for its beaches and caves as well as the large collection of species in the area.

Here are the best place to go in Halong bay

First stop is the Sleeping on Board. This is for people who wants a relaxing time onboard a boat. Eventhough there are many new hotels at the islands, this is one of the best way to get authentic Halong bay experience. You can enjoy and admire the beaches in a more serene manner. There are also many kinds of boats available and you can choose between a diesel powered to high standard cruisers depending on your budget.

Book a tour to Halong Bay is a good choice for you!

Second activity you should try is to do sunbathing in Halong bay. Swimming and sunbathing is one of the most rewarding thing to do in this area. This place is filled with limestones and grottoes for nature tripping. Other activities you can enjoy as a tourist in this area is to do snorkelling, kayaking and fishing.

Third activity you must try is to do Tai Chi on Deck. Tai Chi, originated thousands of years ago in China which is a form of martial arts. Through Tai chi one can improve well his movements, control, improve mental health and concentration, and strengthen the boy. This form of art will greatly benefit anyone and when done along the sublime nature found in Halong Bay, you will feel more energized and at peace. [Read more…]

Informationabout buying the best recumbent bike

Buying a recumbent bike

Are you someone who is concerned with your physical appearance? Do you care about your weight? Do you mind to be physically fit? Those are some of the questions that you may answer with a yes or no, but it is actually a serious issue that many individuals ignore for various reasons. When will you start thinking about having a healthy lifestyle then? You are growing older and you can’t always tell that you are physically in good condition. You must be aware that having a normal body figure can lengthen your life span.

Physical wellness of the body is a must considered thing because if you are always physically fit, then you can do much more work in a day. You will always feel that work is fair and you can’t feel the pressure of your work load. You will not easily get tired and you will always have the energy to finish your daily tasks. But, that’s not what others see, they just work and get tired at the end of the day.

Informationabout buying the best recumbent bike


Those who are concerned with their health make sure that they can have a regular exercise. They can go to the gym, to the park, along the road or the beach just to make sure that they will not miss a single day for their daily exercise. There are also those who prefer to have their workout at home because they feel more comfortable and relaxed at home. They can do their regular exercise any time they want to because their time is open, their equipment is just at home and waiting for them to use.

One of the most popular equipment that these people use to workout at home is a recumbent bike. It is actually safer to use than riding a bike outside because you will not think about the cars moving around. A recumbent bike that you may use at home is just stationary. You do not need to move around the house. You will just seat on the recumbent bike and you will feel like cycling around.

If you will buy a recumbent bike for your home use, make sure that you can get the best recumbent bike with an ergonomic design. Choose the one that can give your back a support so that you can avoid feeling pains in your joints. In that case, you can have the most comfortable way of having your regular exercise. This machine will benefit you because it is safe, relaxing and comfortable. This recumbent bike is not only for beginners or advanced users. This equipment is for everybody, even those with health issues and older people. So, if you have a chance, then grab one that can satisfy your needs. If you are thinking about spending, do not be worried because you can always get one that fits your budget.

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Advantages for treadmill users

Easy to handle

Treadmills are considered to be one of the simplest gymnastic apparatus. That’s not all, the treadmills’ running area is quite even and stable, so no need to worry if you are those people who struggle climbing or walking on rough rounds. Tracks, trails and sidewalks will bother you no more. It is because treadmills are easy to use that many people enjoy using it so much.

Advantages for treadmill users


Record your workouts

Most of the treadmills’ screens will show you some necessary statistics such as how many calories you have burned, how far you have walked, how long you walked and even your heart rate.

Some help you track your improvement over time by letting you create various accounts and save your statistics. All treadmills allow you to record your workouts, which is very convenient for those trying to achieve their weight loss target.

Practice designs

Most of the treadmills with digital monitors have practice programs installed, too. During your workout, these programs can modify your walking speed or incline in order to help you challenge yourself, which is quite exciting and unexpected for those who like a good challenge since it is automatically modified.

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VACUUM SEALER – must have for your fitness

Vacuum sealers could divide into 2 groups – chamber vacuum sealers and vacuum sealers that are external.
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black friday vacuum sealerIn addition, the critical variable here is price – the cost of this sort of appliance begins at 500$ and reaches 2.500$. Unlike the machines that are outside, the chamber ones let you maintain constant packaging without pauses and they do not have any problems with sealing liquids, which could be found useful in packing such sort of meals or sauces. These industrial vacuum sealers most commonly have wide array of added features like timer, which tells you the sealing process will require, distinct vacuum levels and range. These options will let you completely customize the procedure to totally fit your needs. The chamber type of sealer is, in addition, ideal for sous vide cooking which needs particular boilable bags and some versions are also equipped with nozzle that pumps the bag with nitrogen so as to make certain that the content of the bag has zero contact with the outside of it. But in addition, there are drawbacks with this alternative – one of these is cost mentioned above. This really is relatively big investment, that’s why it’s suggested for small businesses. The other reason is its size – a countertop appliance likely will not fit in a routine kitchen and it is mostly it. [Read more…]

Body and soul

Body and soul

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, and a number of well-known athletes such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar advocate the use of yoga is training regimens. There are several different styles of yoga, but they all emphasize the integration of mind, body and spirit.

A tanned, ruddy-faced triathlete sits cross-legged on a futon in the basement lounge of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in downtown Toronto. Leith Drury became a serious convert to yoga last January when she began training for the 1994 world triathlon championships, to be held in New Zealand in November. Although her coach had designed a five-hour-a-day training regimen, the 51-year-old Drury felt that the program did not include enough emphasis on flexibility. Since she took up yoga, she says, her breathing, relaxation and endurance have all improved. “In yoga, when you’re lying on the floor, you try to concentrate on your breathing and focus your mind,” explains Drury. “I try now in my competition to get that same kind of focus, and to let go of everything else that’s floating around–including what other competitors are doing.” [Read more…]