7 Best toddlers travel bed in 2016

As a single parent, I need to work a lot to provide for my adorable kids and as a travel agent I need to travel a lot. And of course I wanted to be with my kids most of the time, so I bring them along with me when I travel. Being with my kids is the best remedy for all the hard work and pain staking job demands. I love my kids but travelling with a toddler can be painful especially if you don’t have the proper bed in a hotel. Also my toddler is growing longer faster now and he is not fitting with his portable crib. So here, I am going to help you choose among the best toddler travel bed for you travel convenience

7 Best toddler travel bed for 2016

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First let me show you the 3 different types of travel beds for toddlers. First on our list is the pop up sleep tent. This pop up tents are very easy to assemble and provides comfortable sleeping space. The downside of this one is that there is only a very thin padding in the center that is not as comfortable as the inflated type.

Second type of travel beds is the Foldable toddler bed. This type of travel bed are ideal for long drive travel or road trip and is just like the foldable chair. Its downside is that it is not ideal for air travel cause of its weight and it is a lot bulkier.

Third type is the most common which is the Inflatable toddler bed. This is just like the smaller version of the air mattress. It is very easy to pack and go. It also comes with either a hand pump or electronic. Most inflatable toddler bed comes with a free carry bag too.

So now that we have discovered the types of toddler travel bed, let us now discuss the best among the best of the Portable toddler travel beds

I have listed down some of the best Toddler Travel bed

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The best camping cot for a comfortable sleep

Features of the best camping cot

Do you like going out for a camping? May be you don’t feel comfortable to join your friends out when they are asking you to come because you don’t want to miss your bed. That is not a problem! You do not always need to sleep on the ground if you are not used to that kind of situation. There will always be a solution to your problem. To enjoy the camping with your friends, why don’t you get the best camping cot available on the market? This is the only thing you need, so that you can still enjoy your sleep, even if you are out in the forest.

For you to fully enjoy your camping trip, you must know the features of the best camping cot on the market. There are a wide variety of options available and it might take you time to choose the best camping cot. These features will surely make you feel comfortable sleeping.

Features of the best camping cot

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Of course, you would like to buy the best camping cot at a very affordable price. You just have to check your budget and see what your money can buy. Do not allow yourself to buy a very cheap camping cot without a good quality. So, make sure that you will have the best camping cot with the value of your money. Still, with the price of the camping cot, make sure that it will satisfy your needs.

When buying the best camping cot, you have to check the weight limit. Do not buy a camping cot that cannot carry your weight. It will take you more expenses if you will get one that will easily break. It can even be more dangerous if your camping cot breaks and you are sleeping on it. Just imagine the pain that you will get when your camping cot’s stand or braces breaks. So make sure that you will buy the best camping cot with a durable foundation. You just have to know the quality of the materials used on the stand, frames and fabric of the camping cot.

People, of course, have different heights. So, make sure that you are going to find the best camping cot that fits your height. For people with a normal or shorter height, a camping cot is easy to find. But, no matter how tall you are, there will always be a camping cot that is available for you. Imagine yourself sleeping on a camping cot that is shorter than your height. Will you feel comfortable? No, so just get the one that is designed for your comfort, so that you do not need to sleep with a curved-shape body. [Read more…]

The need for the CB radio advice online

Finding good advices about a CB radio

There is a huge increase in the demand for the best CB radio because today, many companies are making a CB radio a necessity in the field of their employers. This great rise in the use of a CB radio might be taken for granted. Many manufacturers may produce various models. Many manufacturers may just pop up to meet the demands of the citizens. This is a time for various manufacturers to grab the opportunity to increase their sales.

The situation is normal in the business industry, but what about the expectations of the buyers? Can they still find out what product, brand or model is the best when it comes to a CB radio? It may be difficult for some to figure it out if they are not going to ask for an advice.

rr3A CB radio is a very important device for communication purposes. So, you can’t just rely on what you can see on the market. You know that different models will be shown to you. Various marketing strategies will be applied just for you to get one from them. If you are not cautious, then you might end up buying a CB radio that will not meet your expectations. [Read more…]

Have a good tour in Mekong Delta 2 days

Mekong Delta also known in Vietnam as Dong Bang Song Cu’u, its name means the 9 dragon’s delta. This place is really big which is about 39thousand km2 across 12 provinces at the south part of the country. This river is flowing towards the South China Sea.

Mekong river is about more than 4thousand km long, the rivers source of water is from the high areas of the Himalayas mountain, from Qinghai province of NW China, then it flows through Myanmar, the countries of Laos, Thailand and to Cambodia.

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An Binh and Can Tho: The place to be

Floating market, this is one of the most popular attraction that can only be found at the Mekong Delta. Can Tho city has about more than a million settlers and is considered the largest city in this region and it also has 2 of the most recognized floating markets.

Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang Floating MarketThis is located at 4km from Can Tho city center which is considered as the most significant wholesale market in Mekong Delta. If you plan to go to this place, you need to wake up very early and take one of the first boats cause the market starts at around 4 am and finishes around 11 am. So if you are late, you might come here when it is almost finished or the trading already over. When you get here you will see many large boats that come alongside each other, and they have many poles where they hang their products to show off which you wants to sell. [Read more…]