Body and soul

Body and soul

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, and a number of well-known athletes such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar advocate the use of yoga is training regimens. There are several different styles of yoga, but they all emphasize the integration of mind, body and spirit.

A tanned, ruddy-faced triathlete sits cross-legged on a futon in the basement lounge of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in downtown Toronto. Leith Drury became a serious convert to yoga last January when she began training for the 1994 world triathlon championships, to be held in New Zealand in November. Although her coach had designed a five-hour-a-day training regimen, the 51-year-old Drury felt that the program did not include enough emphasis on flexibility. Since she took up yoga, she says, her breathing, relaxation and endurance have all improved. “In yoga, when you’re lying on the floor, you try to concentrate on your breathing and focus your mind,” explains Drury. “I try now in my competition to get that same kind of focus, and to let go of everything else that’s floating around–including what other competitors are doing.” [Read more…]

Y is for yoga: coming soon to a gym class near you!

I never thought I would be into yoga,” says Peter U., a high school junior and varsity soccer player from Cape May, N.J. “My mom always did yoga, and she would talk about it, but I was never interested. Then I took a yoga class at our school health fair, and I was hooked.”

Devon L., a freshman from Middle Township, N.J., had a similar experience during a health fair. “I loved yoga,” she recalls. “It was so much fun and a chance to relax in a stress-free environment.” [Read more…]

Day delight for Internationals

Day/DeLaet delight for Internationals

The best the Internationals were able to muster Saturday was a formidable member-guest team, which either qualifies as gallows humor or underlines just how lopsided things got in the 10th Presidents Cup.

Both the morning four-ball and afternoon foursomes sessions (the latter spilling over to Sunday) were grimwith reaper not far behind for Nick Price’s squad. But for the performances of Jason Day and Graham DeLaet, the visiting side would have surrendered even the glimmer of hope they took into Sunday’s singles.

Day, a 25-year-old Australian who married an Ohio woman and now lives in nearby Westerville, is a member at Muirfield Village GC. DeLaet, heretofore a relatively obscure Canadian, was his partner who turned out to be a rather good ringer. Together they earned 1 1/2 of the meager 2 1/2 points the Internationals totaled in the two sessions and did so in dramatic fashion.

A Day birdie on the 18th hole sealed a 2-up victory over the previously undefeated duo of Steve Stricker and Jordan Spieth in four-ball, and a chip-in birdie by DeLaet at 18 gave them a half with Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley in alternate shot.

“I had no idea who I was going to be paired with,” Day said, “and then Captain Price put us together in the practice round and we kind of hit it off. I was read garmin approach G6 review at We played alternate shot and played really good.” [Read more…]

Safe biking – Wheels of fortune

In the spring of 2002, a pickup truck crossed the centerline of a Louisiana road at high speed and plowed into a group of cyclists. Seventeen-year-old Timothy Cappo, one of the cyclists, was badly injured and died that night in the hospital. The truck driver was charged with negligence.

Learn how to take a spin without taking a spill

How can accidents like this be prevented? Cyclists need to take measures to reduce their odds of getting hurt.

Cappo was struck on a narrow, winding road that cyclists favor for training. Because they’re narrow, these roads can be dangerous when motorists are careless. Bikers should try to use either a bike path that’s closed to vehicles or a wide road with plenty of room for cyclists. Ideally, cyclists should stay 3 to 5 feet to the side of cars and trucks. [Read more…]


Man is a social animal and it is quite natural for them to look for a hunt. Hunting was not just a passion but it was the primary source of food for the mankind. When man first had a view of this world, he wasn’t aware of much of the sources of food. Hunting was the most obvious option for him and there began the long and telling tale of his passion for hunting.

As man evolved, he started creating moral values and rules for himself in order to create a peaceful environment to live on. These moral values are named as Ethics and it is used as a yardstick to measure how professional and thoughtful a person is.

Even a burglar has his own ethics and these ethics are to be followed without any discrimination. If you have a gun, it is your bound duty to preserve it. You preserve it by having a Gun safe. The gun safe maker has to follow his professional ethics of delivering a high quality product and his quality can be tracked by checking the best biometric gun safe reviews.

The chain is long and to be precise, there are ethics that we need to follow in each and every activity we do. Ethics are put forth for the betterment of mankind and it is the duty of every human being to adhere by it.

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Biking and Hiking Tours

FROM SUCH MEDIEVAL CITIES AS FREIBURG – KNOWN AS THE GATEWAY to the Black Forest – to castles along the Mosel River, Germany is criss-crossed with gorgeous trails and well-marked paths that are ideal for hiking and biking enthusiasts. Several companies are selling biking and walking trips that give participants time to linger in small villages, browse the shops and dine on some of the local specialties. Following are a few of the latest selections.

Euro-Bike Tours lists several programs that either stay exclusively in Germany or combine it with such neighbors as Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Hungary. Prices cover land arrangements, most meals, accommodations, taxes, service charges and rail transfers.

Biking and Hiking Tours

The six-day ‘Mosel Magic’ explores castles, villages and churches along the route known as the Wine Road. Participants can land in Luxembourg and take a 45-minute train ride to the starting point of Trier, or they may land in Frankfurt and board the train for a three-hour ride. The program ends in Koblenz. [Read more…]