International Race of Champions


Welcome to the International Race of Champions–the most unique concept in the history of auto racing–featuring 12 of the world’s greatest racing drivers engaged in high-speed, fender-bashing combat to determine the real world champion of racing drivers. The IROC series is the Super Bowl of motorsports, a concept that embraces the true essence of championship auto racing, with the absolute best drivers from all forms of automotive competition competing in identically prepared Camaro race cars for the championship of the world and a grand prize of $150,000. Drivers accumulate points in each race, and the winner of a race starts at the back of the field in the next race. The overall championship is awarded on total points at the end of the series.

Get Ready

International-Race-of-Champion-1Each of the four IROC races is tailored to fit a one-hour time slot for maximum TV coverage by the CBS Sports network. All cars are equipped with mounts the accommodate special Australian developed Race Cam mini cameras, and four cars in each race will carry them to provide viewers with the backseat ride of their lives. [Read more…]