Teddy And The Rough Riders

The author and a teddy bear face some zany challenges in a run-and-ride race. Not the least of which is a table full of Spam.


It’s not so easy to ride a mountain bike down a trail that falls away faster than Niagara Falls. The feat requires sharp reflexes and rapid-fire assessment of the available options. But just try it while clutching a teddy bear over your head.

Teddy-and-the-rough-riders-3I drop Teddy. He falls beneath my front wheel, is ground into the dirt, then flung skyward on the back stroke, where he spins several pirouettes before landing in a puff of dust. I dismount, dash back and snatch him up. Despite the tread mark crossing his fuzzy yellow belly, he’s still worth 3 minutes–a time handicap I sorely need. I jam him head first into my shorts. This might seem callous, but there’s no time for sentimentality. Ahead of me, runners carrying cardboard turkeys, inflatable reindeer and 3-foot bears are charging off down the trail. [Read more…]