In order to draw your exact swing line, a company has released a free app update for iOS users Golfsense – Version 2.9.3. After reading some golf swing analyzer reviews, I found that this version can allow you to see a new and extremely useful feature called “hand trajectory”. In fact, you will be able to see this feature in every swing you make with golfsense in the past and all future volatility.

Why the hand trajectory is important?

There are many reasons why the manufacturer designs golfsense sticking on your hands instead of in the club head. Perhaps one of the most important reasons is that the manufacturer believes that you have 2 basic connections in golf including the connection of the feet and ground as well as the connection of the hand and club head. The entire technology that focusing on the club head seems to ignore the fact that the hand is a part can control the club head and its trajectory. The argument can even be made in order to prove that the hand trajectory is more important than club head.

Before golfsense, the truth is the only reasonable method to measure the hand trajectory is 2 – dimensional video analysis. The idea of taking a 3 – dimensional image of your hands can not process until now. Golfsense will show you the exact trace of your hand for your backswing and downswing. No product in the world can provide you with the data of the important aspect of your swing up to now.

How to use the Golfsense?

One of the golfers has tried this device and he share some experience that the Golfsense is quite interesting. He feel enjoy when he is playing golf with the golfsense. He finds this device can help him to move quicker and quicker. The club is going back and down a little inside. He can make a little correction by moving the hands more up or down. With the Golfsense, it make the planes are closer together and that is really important with any good players.

  1. Exploitation of aircraft / Swing Trace / the swing button on the main screen to switch and rotate the “Trace hand” feature. Pay attention – this step can be done before or after a swing.
  2. Select “Back View” for any perspective.
  3. Zoom in the avatar by a gesture with your fingers on the screen. (It’s like using the smart phone)
  4. Use swing “rub” to change to your swing.
  5. Pay attention to the relationship between your hand trace of backswing and hand trace of downswing.
  6. Get your hands too far outside on your downswing.
  7. What is your backswing trace?
  8. How to combine your two planes?
  9. Use the functions to mark the swings to feel great. Then you see your history to assess your route.

Besides that, in this version has:

  • Increase the time follow through traces.
  • Reduce the consumption of CPU to optimize the performance.
  • Optimize the data of wrists.
  • Optimal data of planes compared to the analysis page.
  • The unit changes to m / s for Japanese customers.
  • Fix swings can be detected after a share.

In conclusion, the sport of golf is getting more and more popular in the world. Many people are interested in golf and live with golf. To become the professional golf, you need to purchase some equipment to make your dream come true. And the Golfsense is one of the best accessories you have to buy for your perfect swings.

My name is Mark Parker and welcome to my world. You can find a lot of experience in golf here as I am a golf lover and my life is just about golf. I often search information and learn from other people who have the same hobbies with me.